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Tyto Alba

Tyto Alba - Album artwork by Brooke DiDonato

Tyto Alba is the scientific name for barn owls, a pretty common animal, but a pretty unique Denver band that has been steadily growing since their formation in 2014. The band's newest album, Sucker, came out on May 3rd and is the band's first full-length album. Tyto Alba's treatment of dreamy guitars and synths gives Sucker a luscious vintage soundscape for vocalist Melanie Steinway to deliver her bubbly and catchy hooks.

There's a lot to enjoy on the whole album, but my favorite parts were in the middle, specifically "Oh Pride," "Souvenir," and "Baby Teeth." Something about these tracks really click together and allows you to just drift along inside their etherial atmosphere. I also thought Sucker had a very summery feel, so it's been a great soundtrack to listen to while watching everything bloom and start to warm up, much like Tyto Alba. If this album is a metaphor for their spring season, I can't wait to hear them in full bloom.

You can catch Tyto Alba performing on June 7th with Ivory Circle, Bluebook and DJ Alf

Sucker LP



The Yawpers

The Yawpers

The Yawpers have been a Colorado staple for Blues and Rock and Roll since 2011 when they released Capon Crusade. Now back with their 4th LP, Human Question, The Yawpers are poised for their biggest year yet. Their new album features 10 new songs that range from gritty and aggressive to relaxing and nostalgic. Human Question's raw and saturated sound draws similarities to the most highly regarded rock bands of the 60's and 70's. My favorites were "Where The Winters End," and "Child of Mercy," but you should listen to everything in between as well.

Next Friday the band kicks off a one month European tour that will take them all over Great Britain, Denmark, France, and Italy to name a few. The next time they will be performing in Denver will be August 22nd at Levitt Pavilion.

Human Question LP



Chella & The Charm

Chella & The Charm - Photo by Jenny Ettinger

Chella & The Charm has been a local favorite of mine since she performed at one of the first For The Love of Locals events in March of 2016. Her band's Americana sound stood out that night amongst hard rock and electronic artists.

Flash forward 3 years to April 5th, Chella Negro and her band release the Good Gal EP, which features 5 new whiskey-soaked songs fresh off the freight train from local studio, The Keep. The band has maintained their Americana and folk sound and left ample space for Chella's vocals to be the main character of each story that she tells. I really like her voice too! Got a bit of a Stevie Nicks thing going on. I might be biased, but I liked "Denver USA," the most. "OPS" was a close second.

Chella has a strong voice both in her music and in community. She is an advocate for women in music and recently spoke out in a Denver Westword story about past experiences in hopes that sharing her story will lead to fair treatment and opportunities for her fellow women in the Denver Music scene.

Chella and the Charm will be performing at Levitt Pavilion with the Gasoline Lollipops on July 19th.

Good Gal EP




YaSi - Photo by Samantha Keller

In my opinion, YaSi is one of Denver's best kept secrets, but it's time we let the word out. If you are a fan of modern Pop and Hip Hop you HAVE to give her a listen. Not only does she make fantastic music, her entire artistic vision is incredibly refined feels ready for the national spotlight.

A good song writer will tell you that honesty and passion are the only things you need to be able to write a great song. In her newest single "Issues," Yasi pours out her truths about her heritage, family, and obstacles that she has faced growing up. An ominous trap beat sets the tone while her emotive voice gets twisted (literally) by her issues. The cutting edge production on this track is insane, but the true star is her voice, harmonies, and most of all, her attitude. "Issues" is the first taste of her upcoming album which has been teased for release sometime this summer.

Already clocking in at over 30,000 plays on Spotify in less than a month, maybe now is the time for her imminent ascent.

She has several performances coming up, tonight at Larimer Lounge with Kevin Garrett, this Saturday at Fem Fest, and on Sunday she is premiering her music video for Issues at Barfly Alamo Draft House starting at noon.





Bellhoss - Geraniums

My favorite video of the month has to go to Bellhoss for creating the most amazing flamingo choreography I've ever seen. Bellhoss is the seedling that Becky Hosstetler has been nurturing with bandmates Jason, Malena, Payden, and Calee, who are all very active in Denver music as teachers, audio engineers, and members of other bands.

The music video for Geranium's #2 is set at a party where only fun loving flamingos are in attendance. I really loved everything about this video. Shot and produced by Lady Cactus Media, the color, backgrounds, all the aesthetics, and camera decisions were exceptional. The video is funny, surprising, beautiful, and thought provoking. The recording is excellent as well, Becky's voice carries a lot of character, which is a nice way to juxtapose the melancholy feeling of the song. Check out the video below!

The release show for Geraniums is on June 9th at Lost Lake Lounge with Corsicana and Two Tone Wolf Pack.

Geraniums #2 Music Video



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