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Heavy. Catchy. Jazzy. Need I say more? Mosaic’s “signature blend of cinematic Hard Rock and Pop” is certainly one of a kind in our hometown, but they also boast songwriting and performance skills that truly set them apart. Mosaic released their debut album, “Collision,” in 2017 and have been scratching at the surface of Denver’s scene ever since. Last month they released a new single called “Hollow,” that showcases their maturity with technical and melodic guitar parts paired with soaring vocals. They teamed up with animator Keenan Goodwine, of Goodwine Design on the lyric video and then followed it up with a live video and performance mixed by Alex Scott at Red Wall Audio. If you aren’t familiar with Mosaic, go check them out now. For fans of Dayshell and Periphery.


Mosaic performs “Hollow” Live - https://www.facebook.com/mosaicbandofficial/videos/2098910020205498/

Color Canvas

Color Canvas made our list of featured bands this month because of the old adage “quality over quantity.” Last month they released a song called “Down” that is an undeniable Pop-Rock anthem. Working together with local producer Eric Michaels of Everhart Studios, this guitar and synth driven epic had me from the start…but then there’s the video! Animator Richard Collingridge paints his canvas with a refined palette of colors. The video depicts what appears to be three heroes’ race against time. It’s not clear who wins the epic struggle, but perhaps there is another chapter to the story (🤞)? From top to bottom, “Down,” is an incredibly well crafted piece of art, visually and musically. They are maintaining such a high standard of excellence that I’m eager to hear and see what’s next!


Down Animated Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXof0EA0z2o


Usually our little blog highlights bands that we see working hard to get to the next step or doing something that stands out, but this feature is a bitter-sweet farewell and a thank you for all that you’ve done for our city, our dear friends, Postcards. In 2012, when pop-punk was arguably cooling off a little bit in Denver, songs like “19 Cigarettes,” “Roses,” and “California Waves,” transcended genre and won our hearts. Over the last 7 years, Postcards has experienced local and regional success and appeared on several tours playing everywhere from California to New York. But Postcards helped and inspired other local bands to succeed as well. Drummer Alex Scott, who owns and operates local studio Red Wall Audio has worked on other local projects like Pythalo, 1000 Miles of Fire, The Midnight Club, Oh, Whale, Contender, and more.

Now in 2019, pop punk is alive, well, and thriving in Denver once more, and we can’t help but think Postcards had a big hand in that. They said farewell with two new songs and one last performance at the Marquis Theater next Friday night. We’ll miss them dearly, but we know their impact is here to stay. Not gonna lie, this one is a little emotional for me.


Postcards (EP) - https://open.spotify.com/album/4J0yDV6PrEx7VAjBF8vwCJ?si=-K4fMQceSAG2JSTA11Uw0Q

Roy Catlin

Roy Catlin has been gaining “Momentum” for a while now, but he’s not a new comer to the Denver music scene. Roy’s first show was in 2007, but things really started to happen for him with his band Anchorage, which quickly became a household name in the local hard rock scene. Since his days with Anchorage, Roy had a few other projects like The River Wolf and The Cold North, but the last two years he hunkered down and refined his solo career. Last year he put out 6 strong singles and a series of videos, and this year is shaping up to be no different. Roy started off 2019 with a single in February and is following is up with another in just two weeks. “Beautiful Energy” is set to release on March 29th. Roy also helps others get started with music by giving piano, guitar, and voice lessons.


Momentum - https://open.spotify.com/track/4tivRnG3GBHqBa6OX1QGPc?si=U7ttEs9IT8OJ1mABzfwA4g


ENZI, AKA Makenzie Culver, has been shaking up the Denver music scene ever since stepping into it. At only 19 years old, she has already opened for national level bands like Blue October, won the 2018 Channel 933 Hometown for The Holidays contest, and was a semi finalist for the 2017 and 2018 International Songwriting Competition. She has also done notable work with The Blue Star Connection, a charity that provides instruments for children and young adults diagnosed with cancer. With a controlled, powerful voice and lyrics that are fresh but still familiar, she’s had no problem finding a community of listeners in Denver. After graduating at KMG, Makenzie now splits her time in Nashville to work on furthering her career.

Just today she released her new single “I’m Sorry That I”, which is an anthemic apology on past relationships. Go give it a spin now! And you can watch her perform for free next Saturday, March 23rd in Arapahoe Basin!


I’m Sorry That I -


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