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There are so many great artists in Colorado that it is hard to choose featured bands just based on who is making good music. Quality songs are definitely a big component, but when a band does something surprising and unique, that's when I really take notice. I went to check out Kaepora and wasn't really sure what to expect when I saw the picture of "The Most Pedestrian Cheeseburger" sitting on a silver platter, with the band's name scratched in a font that was guaranteeing I was about to be listening to something heavy.

Much to my surprise, the album RIPS and is hilarious! The EP starts off with a "Celtic Disco" and then moves on to the topic of life as a sasquatch, ya know, just some typical songwriting prompts...I'll let you check out the rest. In addition to the comedic vocals, heavy, mind-melting guitar riffs, and powerful drums give the band an epic sound. For fans of Tenacious D.

The Most Pedestrian Cheeseburger EP



Instant Empire

Instant Empire has been a part of the Denver music scene since 2010 and over the last 9 years they have maintained a consistent sound but have grown by leaps and bounds in the details. Just yesterday, they put out their 3rd LP and 6th overall release, Cathedrals, which has a little something for everyone. This album sounds BIG and w i d e and is packed with killer tone, punchy drums, vibey guitars, fat synths, and aggressive and emotive vocals. I heard a lot of moments that reminded me of The Cure, but singer Scotty Saunders also reminds me a lot of Max Bemis from Say Anything. Deeply poetic, educated and frustrated, Saunders takes you on a journey of angst, longing, joy, and vulnerability.

Undoubtedly some of my favorite local Indie Pop/Rock, go check out Cathedrals now! I enjoyed "Lodgepole Pines" and "Sugar Sweet" the most but the album is very eclectic so make sure to dig into the deep cuts.

Cathedrals LP



Heavy Diamond Ring

You might not be familiar yet with the name, "Heavy Diamond Ring," but I bet you remember Paper Bird, Denver's Western/Indie-Pop giant that parted ways at the end of 2017. The group felt that after 9 years, they were growing in different ways as individuals and played one last round of shows around the state. At this time, Sarah Anderson and Paul DeHaven decided to begin their new journey as Heavy Diamond Ring.

Over the first months of 2019, they started to put out songs under the new name, but their sound was already distinguished, rich, and full. On June 7th at the Larimer Lounge, they released the self-titled LP featuring 10 "All American Folk Rock" songs. The album is absolutely beautiful. The songs were uplifting, personal, and made me think about my summers here as a kid, riding my bike on dirt paths in dry, open fields under the cloudless sky. It's a wonderful feeling to be reminded of.

The band is currently on tour in the upper midwest, but will return home to Colorado for the Telluride RIDE festival on July 12th and 13th, and are also playing at the Terminal Bar in Denver on August 30th.

Heavy Diamond Ring LP



Copper Leaf

Copper Leaf is a relatively new band in Denver music, but in the two years that they have been creating, they are already on the brink of releasing their second full-length album. The group is lead by singer/songwriter Sawyer Bernath, who combines a rustic Americana sound with raw, punk influenced vocals.

White Noise is the first single off their upcoming LP and blends their influences better than ever before, bringing together ironic indie vocals, harmonica, and loud guitars. I'm excited to hear what else Copper Leaf has in store for us on the new album. I think it may even include performances from some of our other local favorites, The Dollhouse Thieves.

Their album release show is set for July 12th at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver.

White Noise Single



The Hollow

The Hollow is one of my favorite local bands for a lot of reasons. Not only do these guys rock hard, perform tight, and challenge the creativity of their sound every time they make new music, they are also very supportive of their fellow artistic community.

Horse Blinders released on May 31st and is a catchy and powerful song with no shortage of riffs. Aggressive drums and upfront vocals also attribute to the bands' focused hard rock sound, mixed and mastered by Mickey and Corban from local band, Overslept.

Singer, Spencer Townshend Hughes hosts the Mental Wellness Meet-up once a month where local artists are invited to come talk about the challenges they face in their creative lives and work on ways to overcome them.

Horse Blinders Single



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