Featured Artists: Jan 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Lucy Daydream

While Lucy Daydream is a relatively new artist in the Denver music scene, they’ve been making big moves. Paige Duche teamed up with Ross Ryan (Stayloose and Foreverkid) in mid-2018 to create a new, lofi-pop project that I have yet to stop enjoying. Retro keys and tape-saturated drums meet catchy hooks and melodies that equal 100% vibe. Their cover of Go Flex by Post Malone is a great way to familiarize yourself with their style. My personal favorite is “Losing My Head.” They just put out TWO new singles this month! Check them out below.



Lucid Vision

Dalton Kieta, aka “Lucid Vision,” has been one of my favorite local bands for years. We met in 2010 while he was sharpening his skills of music production at UCD, and even then, he always took his craft very seriously and had the most positive outlook on life and music. Lucid Vision has been steadily growing since then and packing shows all over Denver at venues like The Bluebird and Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. His unique approach to limiting his number of appearances so that he can create more impactful and emotional shows has allowed him to cultivate a loyal following. We wanted to feature him this month because he just released a new EP (1/11/19) called “Through The Aether,” which coincides with his upcoming performance at Cervantes this Friday (1-18-19). Keep an eye out for the billboards around town!


Through The Aether EP


Kill Paradise

Nick Cocozzella and Bryce Hoops have been names in the Denver music scene for many years and have been a part of numerous projects like Saving Verona, The Cold Fire, The Broadway, The Autobiography, and Kill Paradise. My first local music concert was actually the first Kill Paradise show, which took place in a church off of Federal and 84th and featured other locals, The Titan Courageous, Signal to Noise, and The Autobiography. If my memory is right, that show was in 2005, and was the first of hundreds that followed as their popularity grew. KP has gone on national tours and put out 5 albums available on Spotify and iTunes. Just last week (1-12-19) they performed to a sold out crowd at the Marquis Theater with locals, 888 and Nightlove. They deserve to be recognized for their incredible contribution to local music over the last 14 years!




These guys eat, sleep, and breathe rock and roll. Hellgrammites capped 2018 with a performance at The Bluebird with renowned locals, In The Whale, and kicked into 2019 hard with a heavy new EP titled Feral, engineered and mixed by Brandon Whalen of My Body Sings Electric. The lead singer, Erik Petersen, even hand wires his own guitar pedals and preamps! We’ve got our money on these guys making strides in the hardcore scene this year.


Feral EP



Overslept is one of those bands that strikes you the first time you hear them, especially if it’s live. My exposure moment to them was one night at Larimer Lounge where they conjured up a nostalgia reminiscent of a heavy Jimmy Eat World. Members of the band are very active in the music scene, and are a part of other music and art projects including Meliora, Kinesics, Dogged Line Design Supply, and audio engineering at local studios, Side 3 and Tessitura Studios. We wanted to feature them this month because they teamed up with local animators, Good Wine Design, to create the new music video for their single “Fictions.” The video brings animation into reality in a style similar to Disney’s Enchanted. It’s unlike any video we’ve seen from our local community before! Oh, and the outfits are totally bitchin’.

Fictions Video



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