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Dearling - Silver & Gold

Dearling is one of our true treasures in the Denver music community. Growing from the roots that Rachel and The Kings laid down in 2012, Dearling has gone on to perform at Red Rocks, opened for Chris Isaak and Roberta Flack, song writing live on KYGO, and brought their Fleetwood Mac cover set to venues all over Colorado. Dearling first caught our ear with the track “Wild Blue” off their Inheritance album, and we were honored to have Rachel perform at both of our For The Love of Locals holiday shows as well as our inaugural live stream event in December of 2017. The band is also very socially-responsible and have raised money for the Children’s Hospital and the Blue Star Connection. This month we are featuring them because they are releasing a new EP titled “Silver & Gold.” Some of you might be lucky enough to be listening to it already if you had the foresight to go to Syntax on February 8th and picked up a physical copy, but if you didn’t, the digital release is set for February 22nd. Check out the unreleased single, “Silver & Gold” below!

Silver & Gold Single



Plastic Daggers

Plastic Daggers

With just two members, Plastic Daggers has an intensely fierce sound. Dark, heavy, and certainly loud as f*ck, these guys have worked their way up to be one of the most highly-noted rock bands in Denver. They’ve played along side The Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang, and were dubbed Denver Westword’s best rock band of 2018. I recommend “Save Yourself,” off their Shotgun EP to get acquainted, but they’ve got a new EP coming out on February 22 that I’m doing my best to wait patiently for. Go grab the digital copy that day, but know that Plastic Daggers is really a “must see live” kind of band, so go catch them at their release show on February 23rd at Lost Lake with other locals, FATHERS, Cheap Perfume, and It’s Just Bugs.



Adiel Mitchell

Adiel Mitchell

Adiel Mitchell has been active in Denver music for several years but we think that 2019 will be heating up for him big time. We caught wind of his new EP through his producer, Levi DoubleU, local electronic artist, DJ, and collaborator. Upon first listen, “Jungle,” is an instant classic. Over the last 3 weeks I think I listened to the song 100 times (listening as I write this too). A juicy bass line lays an undeniable groove for Adiel to deliver his catchy and clever vocals that will transport you right into the leafy jungle. Plus, the light switch flip will get you every time for a silky mood transition. “Stuck on You,” will give you all the V Day feels and “Ugh (There She Go),” will have your neck sore your head will bop so hard. Overall, the EP is done extremely well, has a great modern Hip Hop sound, catchy vocals, and raw emotions. Highly recommend you pick this one up. Catch Adiel at Ophelia’s as part of the Kush Groove concert series on February 28th for $12.

Jungle EP



The Weird

The Weird

In a time of all kinds of synthesized instruments and bizarre genre-melds, The Weird reminds us where rock & roll came from and why we all love it. Great guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and driving drums define the their simple, but well-crafted sound. They don’t have any music out on iTunes or Spotify, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that soon that will change. They do have some live recordings up on their website, but that doesn’t really give you the experience of seeing them live. If you didn’t catch them at Cervantes Winter Throwdown on the 10th, don’t miss them play live at Lion’s Lair on February 28th!



Nikki Giron

Nikki Giron

Nikki Giron first reached out to us a few months back to share her single “Granted” with the crew, which did not disappoint and instantly gave me goose bumps from the very first notes I heard from the piano. No doubt, Nikki is a talented and experienced songwriter, but her unique sound is what sets her apart. Inspired by the late, great, Elvis Presley, as well as modern music, Nikki uses her voice, saxophone, and piano, to create a jazz sound that comfortably fits into 2019. Just yesterday, she put out a new song called “Heart Behind Bars,” which you can check out below! She’s getting ready to release her debut EP, which you can pick up next week at her release show on February 28th at Lost Lake.

Heart Behind Bars Single


EP Release Feb 28 Lost Lake


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