Featured Artists: April 2019

Slow Caves

Nearly home from an extensive 3 week tour that has taken them to the upper east coast, down and back, Slow Caves is quickly ascending to be one of Denver’s premier musical acts in recent years.

The Fort Collins trio has been making noise ever since brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller teamed

up with David Dugan in 2014. Over the last 4 years, the band put out an EP, a live album, and the

newest edition to their discography, their debut LP titled “Falling” which features 11 Indie Rock

anthems to kick off the summer right. The album came out on March 22nd, and I listened to it cover to cover twice through because it is THAT good.

The band has refined their sound even more from their earlier recordings like Poser/Rover to the blissful mash up reminiscent of Rooney meets Nirvana with a dash of Weezer. The final result is a wavy, gritty rock band that offers no shortage of catchy melody and vibe. My personal favorites on Falling were “Out of State” and “Veil of Smiles/Favorite Tragedy” but I also really enjoyed “Girlfriend” and “Follow up.”

Catch them at their homecoming show at Aggie Theatre as a part of Foco MX 11 on Friday, April



Falling LP -


Kelly Augustine

Kelly Augustine calls Colorado home but there’s no doubt that she draws from her roots on her

debut album, “Light in the Lowlands.” Augustine was so influenced by her first home that she

returned to Oklahoma to record it with renowned producer, Wes Sharon, who worked on Goodbye Normal Street from the Turnpike Troubadours.

Light in the Lowlands LP came out April 5th and has been getting non-stop recognition since it’s

release. Personally, I wouldn’t call it country music, but what is country music now anyways with artists like Lil Nas X dominating the Country charts last week until Billboard said it was mis-

categorized? Before all else, Augustine is a songwriter and storyteller, and a really good one too. She shows her musical diversity with honest and emotional ballads as well as Americana/Bluegrass floor shakers. “Second Chances” and “Leaving You” were my favorites, but

don’t skip on “Thunder on The Mountain” or “Seeds of Hope” which invoke the spirit and wonder of the old west. Through all the songs, one thing remains constant - Augustine’s strong vocal delivery and narrative lyrics. She hopes her music and message can uplift people to free themselves from their inner demons and addictions.

Denver has a wealth of amazing and diverse local music but is arguably in need of more local

Country and Americana groups. With artists like Augustine joining in, maybe we are poised to

further enrich our scene soon.


Light in the Lowlands LP -



A really good song often has you right from the first sound you hear and “Bad for Me” is a perfect

example of this. Mlady vocalist Hannah Beeghly immediately grabs you with an insanely catchy

melody and Austin Bourdon lays on his lustrous harmonies that are the perfect accompaniment.

Bad for Me is lyrically familiar but fresh and their mixture of Indie Rock, Folk, and Pop creates a

powerful sound that has a little something for everyone.

Mlady first started playing as a duo in Denver in 2017 but now includes Ian Mahan on bass and

Sydney Jones behind the drum kit. The full band sound is suiting them quite well and although this is not their first single, I think this a small glimpse of what can be expected from 2019’s Mlady and I’m eager to hear more.

Mlady’s debut EP is set to release on streaming services on April 26th and you can watch them

play it live the following night, April 27th, at Lost Lake Lounge.


Bad for Me -



I was happily introduced to the music of Castele on March 29th when they put out their first single “Witch’s Flower,’ which instantly reminded me of some of my favorite bands from the heyday of hardcore like Thursday and Dance Gavin Dance. The recipe for a great hardcore band is: epic vocals, rippin’ guitars, and punchy drums, and these guys have all the ingredients. The 5 piece hails from Colorado Springs but I think it’s only a matter of time before we start to see them visiting the Denver area more frequently.

The single was recorded at local studio, Red Wall Audio, and the word on the street is the rest of the EP is on the way soon. If you missed them on April 10th with Great Falls (WA), then

make sure to check our local music calendar to see when they might be playing next.

If you are a fan of excellent hardcore music, check out their single below!


Witch’s Flower - https://open.spotify.com/track/7DaLhXdaC0H60QmsDLeV1M?si=ORwf_77MRIqI0Bjh7C7oIA


Eldren’s psychedelic synth-pop sound has been a staple in Denver music for several years now,

earning them Westword Music Awards, ample airplay, and countless shows with national acts like Dr. Dog & The Cold War Kids, but it’s their most recent music video that caught my attention this month.

With the help of their friend and local film producer, Aaron Del Grosso, Eldren embarks on a trippy and wondrous space expedition to preach love to the world but encounters some trouble along the way from interstellar, non-biological, dancing zombies! If that sentence isn’t enticement enough to watch the music video I don’t know what else to tell you...

Actually, there’s more! We Just Want the World is a great soundtrack for the video but is a fantastic song on its own. The dancey, vintage vibe is like a futuristic Disco-Daft Punk song but with a soaring violin lead and tasteful synths and guitar.

You can catch them performing at the upcoming Spread the Word Festival set for May 17th-19th,

which is rumored to be their tour kick off.


We Just Want the World Music Video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyp8EydUFHY

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