Creating more visibility for Colorado artists

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Using five Red Epic cameras,

we create a live show second to none in quality.

Our live show reaches thousands of viewers each show.


An excellent opportunity for local artists who are  looking for a fresh way to reach your digital audience while still performing live.

We sponsor shows through co-promotion. Allow us to help you promote your show on our social media outlets. We're not interested in a cut, we want to see the community grow. We also attend shows, take video and photos of shows for artists to use.

We are scheming for you.

We have some new ideas for your bands to gain more exposure.

We are constantly working to establish relationship with corporate support so that artists can get paid for what they do best.


Reaching your audience can be an especially tricky objective. 

You might spend thousands of dollars on media campaigns and still be left with the feeling

that you haven't significantly added to the value of your business. 

You get exposure, but fall short on creating a connection.

Our local musicians are the voice of our artistic community and the people that hear their call are devout followers. The connections that artists share with their friends and fans is deep and ties to their pride for our beautiful state. Not only are they listening, but they value that you are supporting the music and people who help make our home unique. 


One of the most effective ways to work with local musicians is through our live stream. In 2018 we shot 10 live stream events on 4k RED cameras and streamed them live to facebook with help from the production team at Eon247. We consistently reached an audience of thousands and maintained interactions well over 70%. Most of the people watching are in Denver, but viewers have tuned in all over the nation.

Getting involved is easy! There are many ways to support our live streams, events, episodes, and more, plus we are always interested in hearing new ideas and creating something unique!

We offer affordable plans for businesses of all sizes. 

Best of all is, you get to have a real impact on your local music community. We have a fixed percentage of our ad revenue that we share with our artists, so you can be sure that no matter the size of your contribution, you are helping the music scene continue to grow and enrich itself.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

For the Love of Locals has one simple objective: to create more visibility for local music. 

By live streaming performances, hosting and supporting local shows, curating playlists, creative and guerrilla marketing, and sharing local news and releases, we can help our community of artists connect to a wider audience and find new ways to generate income with their art.

In the last 4 years we've been a part of more than 30 events collaborating with over 100 artists as well as 10 HD live streams. In 2019, we plan to shoot season 2 of our live stream series and diversify the ways we support local musicians like our community calendar and Patreon revenue sharing. 

We are so adamant about fairly compensating local artists that 25% of all of the revenue goes back to the artists that have contributed content. That means no matter how successful For the Love of Locals might get, artists will always receive fair compensation for their art.

If you would like your show supported or have a release that you would like featured, 

please contact us at:

We currently have availability for advertising space on our 2019 season of live streams and events.  

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Lets work together! Questions? Email us.


1245 Champa St

Denver, CO

Tel: 303.884.4163

Our studio is open for Meetings and Live Streams

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